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04/16/2024 09:00


Barel is experiencing great success with the trainee programme

In 2023 Barel started a traineeprogram to attract people with different backgrounds and talents. After a thorough application and interview process, 14 got offered a trainee position.

12 trainees completed the program and have accepted permanent job positions. Barel has seen great success with the program, and both trainees and instructors have been satisfied with the results, which has strengthened the company's recruitment and future prospects. Kristin Tharaldsen, HR and Sustainability Manager, expresses great joy at the response and success of the trainee program.


Maria Kabanova tells us that the trainee program has been a fantastic opportunity for her. - It is brave of Barel to take in people from different backgrounds, and of us to agree to the programme, as we didn’t know what we were getting into. I am happy to have been given a permanent position and enjoy it here, says Maria.


Mette Caroline Olsen thinks the training has ...

04/03/2024 10:55


Barel lanserer stipendordning

Barel lanserer en stipendordning for å motivere nye generasjoner til å studere realfag og teknologif...

03/26/2024 14:00

Just for fun

Fasiten i årets påskelabyrint

Barel har arrangert påskelabyrint for sine følgere på Facebook. I løpet av den siste uka, har vi pub...

Barel – making the world a little better

At Barel we are passionate about making a positive impact in the world. This is reflected in our ambitious ESG-strategy and our da...
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01/08/2024 11:21

Barel is growing

There has been a lot of activity at Barel this autumn. 14 new trainees have been hired. 7 started on 2 October and the rest starts...
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12/15/2023 12:00


Barel re-certified as a Great Place to Work!

Barel has once again managed to become a certified “Great Place to Work”.
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11/01/2023 12:00



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