Barel is located in Kirkenes in the north of Norway. We are the northernmost manufacturer of Ex-electronics in the world and have for over 30 years delivered the world's top electronics.
We are TeamBarel - our 64 employees continuously deliver the best electronics in the world to customers all over the world. We are certified as a Great Place to Work, and in 2024 are nominated as Top 50 Workplaces nationally.
We are proud of our quality efforts (see below) and the fact that we are a preferred supplier to many of the largest luminaire manufactures globally.
We are also actively engaging in sustainability efforts, proudly producing with 100% renewable energy in Norway (read more on our sustainability-page)


Barel is passionate about quality and strive to improve our prosucts and production. We are certified according to relevant standards and we are proud of our 30+ year track record.


Barel is actively engaging in efforts to improve ourselves and our surroundings. We expect our employees, our partners, our customers and our suppliers, to also engage in efforts to abide by our standards and rules. Here are some of our relevant policies
Redegjørelse åpenhetsloven (Statement regarding the Norwegian Transparency Act»)


Havneveien 8

9900 Kirkenes

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